Apple iPhone 14 Pro review and top new features: The Dynamic Island

I have always been an Apple fan boy since childhood. When ever any apple events is round the corner i get really excited about it.

This time when apple launched its iPhone 14 line up I was so damped to used the new iPhone 14 Pro because of that Dynamic Island (Just a fancy name by Apple).

I was expecting more this year from apple in terms of design because its the same design 🤦🏽‍♂️.

OKAY enough of my liking and disliking let’s go though some of the top new (Major) features in this years iPhone pros line up.

New Features

Dynamic Island

That Dynamic Island i talked about is mind blowing I must say. It’s the smart way of apple using the new pill shaped cut out for camera into an interactive thing to play with. It’s not just smart, it is also soothing to the eyes with the animation that apple have packed in.

iPhone 14 Pro Always on Display

Coming on to the next feature which has been in Android phones since a decade now The Always On Display. The iOS 16 operating system, which the iPhone 14 Pro uses, introduces a number of welcome additions, including new methods to customise your lock screen.

When your phone is locked, the always-on display, a low-power variant of your lock screen, can provide crucial information.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

After display comes the Cameras: iPhone 14 Pro comes with a new set of 42 mega-pixel sensor cameras. It has three rear cameras: a 3x optical zoom telephoto camera, an ultrawide camera, and a wide-angle camera as the primary camera.

The main camera’s lens has a broader field of view and a 24mm equivalent instead of the 26mm it had on earlier iPhone models. Although there aren’t many differences, it helps to fill the frame with more of the scene.

Last but not the least the Battery: Every time new iPhone are launched there has always been an improvement in the battery life of the iPhone. It’s also the the size of the battery and also the software and the chipset that apple provides in their iPhone.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

My review on the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Our Score


  • Display
  • Performance
  • Battery
  • ios 16


  • Phone has some heft to it
  • Same Design

This was my experience with the new iPhone 14 Pro. If you looking forward to buy it for yourself hope this article helped you understand more about the features of the iPhone.

Please share your experiance or thoughts on the new iPhone 14 Pro on trendiemedia Linkedin handle. If any queries consider asking ill be pleased to help you.

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